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In His Latest Great American Family Film, Trevor Donovan Performs an Original Song

Great American Family is set to enchant audiences with a lineup of 20 new holiday movies during their highly anticipated Great American Christmas event later this year. However, the network is not wrapping up its fall offerings just yet.

In the upcoming autumn film, "A Harvest Homecoming," former 90210 stars Trevor Donovan and Jessica Lowndes reunite to explore the theme of love amidst the falling leaves.

Within the storyline of "A Harvest Homecoming," Drew Clark (played by Donovan), a teacher, decides to take on a temporary substitute position in his hometown of Chestnut Hollow, Texas. There, he encounters Aiden (Luxton Handspiker), the new student in town, in desperate need of a caring friend. Despite Drew's initial reluctance to work in Chestnut Hollow, everything changes when he meets Lainie Abbott (Lowndes), the new manager of his parents' expansive apple orchard and cider mill business. Lainie holds a crucial role as Aiden's mother, making Chestnut Hollow a place worth reconsidering for Drew.

Donovan sings "Fields of Gold," an original song he wrote for the movie. A Harvest Homecoming premieres Saturday, Sept. 30 at 8 p.m. ET on Great American Family.

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